Safe Ways To Do Off Page SEO In A Post-Panda World

Since the advent of the Panda update, people who own websites have been very wary about doing any off page SEO. The reasoning behind this is that search engines cracked down hard on what they perceived as being unnatural link building. Many people lost valuable rankings overnight – rankings that they had worked for years to achieve. This is enough to make any search engine optimization expert wary when continuing to do link building in the future, but it does not have to be that way. In fact, there are safe ways to do off page SEO that will leave your website completely protected.

The first thing that you should attempt to do is to contact other website owners within your industry or niche. Create a real relationship with them and then see about trading content on each other sites. This can be something as simple as giving each other articles to publish, or can be as involved as actually interviewing one another and posting the interviews on each other sites. Either way, the content will contain a link back to your website that is completely organic and natural, because it springs from a real relationship.

Another safe way to do off page SEO is to put out a press release about something noteworthy that is happening with your business or website. It does not have to be noteworthy in the sense that it could conceivably end up on the evening news – although it certainly could be. Rather, it simply needs to be about some exciting change that is happening in either the way that your website runs, a live event, or anything else that is noteworthy to people in your industry.

Another idea for safe search engine optimization in these current times is to create live-action videos and upload them to video sharing websites, leaving a link back to your site when you upload it. Because of the fact that this link is completely organic and natural – and that people will click on it, visit your site, and spend a lot of time there – this is not something that Google will penalize your site for, but rather something that your site will be given points and credit for. The main thing that you need to keep in mind is that everything you do needs to be totally organic and natural. That is the best way to go.

And, in every action that you take when it comes to your off page search engine optimization, you can honestly say that you are providing value and taking part in an action that you would have equally likely have done even if you were not concerned about your search engine rankings, then you are in a good place. As with anything that you do in your website, keep the end-user in mind. The main goal is to provide an excellent experience for the end-user, whether that means entertaining them, informing them, or providing a portal for them to perform some sort of useful service. The end-user is the end-all and be-all!


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