Key Strategies For Successful On Page SEO

seoIf you want to be successful with your online marketing attempts, it is important for you to implement proper search engine optimization techniques on your website. Otherwise known as on page SEO, it is half of the equation for being successful with ranking your website high in the search engines. The other half of the equation, building links back to your website, is called off page SEO. Let’s look at three key strategies for successful on page SEO that will definitely improve your positioning on the web.

Interlinking Your Sub Pages

When you create a website, you will have content on your main page, and secondary content in the form of additional posts and pages. These sub pages will reference material related to your main keyword, and can be used to help improve your search engine positioning. When the search engine spiders or bots come to your site, they may find one of these secondary pages indexed online. By linking each sub page to other related pages, and the main website itself, you can improve your chances of ranking for not only your main keyword, but multiple keywords found throughout your website. Once you have your interlinking in place, it’s time to add a few links to each post and page to what are called authority sites.

Outbound Linking Strategies

Another key strategy to improving your ranking in the search engines is to have outbound links to authority sites. Authority sites are websites that Google and other search engines trust, primarily because they provide useful content. If you have an outbound hyperlink pointing to websites that are related to the topic you are addressing, this will show the search engines that you are trying to provide excellent content for your visitors, and therefore will reward you with a higher search engine position. Once you have your outbound authority links in place, you now need to embed videos within the content itself.

Embedded Videos

If you can find videos that are related to what you are discussing on your website, you can get what is called an embed code, and paste that into the HTML of your posts and pages. Having embedded video code, especially from YouTube, can be very beneficial in regard to ranking. By providing content that is related to your topic of choice, and also including a niche specific video on that post as well, it can help you move higher in the search engine rankings in a similar way to adding outbound links.

In conclusion, search engine optimization can be a fickle strategy for those that are not sure of what to do. On page SEO is something that is very easy to do, but it must be done in the right way to achieve good results. By adding interlinking to your website, along with outbound links to authority sites, and embedded videos on each page and post, your chances of reaching page 1 on the search engines is much higher. Hopefully these on page SEO strategies will allow you to improve your positioning, and also get more targeted traffic to your website.


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